Services and benefits

We are specialists in dealing with primary care needs. We provide a wide range of primary as well as preventive care services at all our five locations. Our primary care providers do regular checkups of all our members to oversee each and every aspect of their healthcare needs. We provide efficient coordination with doctors and provide on-site medication facilities as well.


Your eyesight is an important aspect of your health. We provide diagnosis and primary treatment for diseases related to eyes and visual systems.

Dental Services

Members of Mas Health Centers enjoy a variety of dental services that provide smiles to share with family and friends.
Oral Exams • Cleanings • Fluoride Treatment • Resin Filling • Extractions • Dentures


We help our patients in recovering from injury or trauma and paralysis. We also help in improving balance, fall prevention, pain management, and other age-related medical problems.

Diagnostic Testing

At Mas Health, we provide many different diagnostic services right here in our centers, so you don’t have to go to multiple places to get them done. All our centers are equipped with the latest technology to provide faster testing and diagnoses. Our services include:
Testing services offered
Your doctor will determine which diagnostic services you need and order them during your visits.


Mas Health Centers offers as a courtesy an unlimited transportation service, guaranteeing your visit to doctors and specialists according to your need. We offer door-to-doctor, non-emergency transportation for our Medicare Advantage patients. (Contact our office staff to learn more.) Get door-to-doctor transportation service when you need to see your primary care physician or specialist for regularly scheduled appointments or last-minute visits.


Mas Health Centers offers one of the most extensive medicine inventories with courtesy delivery to the comfort of your home. We also have dispensary services in all centers for emergency medicines.


Our telehealth solutions make it easy for people to access best-in-class care whenever and wherever, while lowering down overall healthcare costs. This helps in simplifying and personalizing the entire experience.


Mas Health Wellness Centers

Our wellness centers are designed to keep you healthy and happy. Our centers are busy with daily wellness activities including Silver Sneakers, Laughter Yoga, and numerous Educational and Nutritional Courses (to name a few!).

Mas Health’s wellness centers are an abode of health and happiness. We have specifically designed the schedule and the activities that increase the quality of your life. Our wellness centers are busy with activities that include Spa Day, Nutritional Talks, and Games to name a few.

Some of the benefits of the Wellness centers

Social Services

We believe in the holistic wellness of our members and hence, we provide them with assistance seeking social services and other aid benefit programs.

Hot Meals

Our patients have the convenience of eating in or taking home a healthy and nutritious meal.

Insurance Plans

Healthsun, Medica, and Preferred Care Partners.